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«Research and Education Center «Baikal» – development strategy»

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Research-Educational Center Baikal

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About Project

Project mission is to establish reseacrh-educational center “Baikal”: science and education integration in the frames of geoecology complex study” (REC “Baikal”). The center is founded by Irkutsk (ISU) and Buryat (BSU) State Universities with the assistance of A.P. Vinogradov Institute of Geochemistry of SB RAS , Institute of the Earth’s Crust of SB RAS and System Dynamics and Control Theory of SB RAS. The center is based on УНЦ fundamental natural science basis (FSP “ Integration”, established in 1999 by ISU with the assistance of SB RAS) and UNESCO ISU water source department using current Research Centers.

About the Conception of REC "Baikal" (PowerPoint presentation)

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Basic Project aims:

  1. Development and realization of interdisciplinary and interdepartmental large ecosystem complex research in terms of Baikal;
  2. Mechanism development to engage young specialists to research work;
  3. Organization of extended student training system and skill upgrading within Research Center field of study;
  4. Gathering research information about Baikal and its concentration on science portal;

To fulfill scientific research and education unit are going to be formed within Research Center (RE- units) for each research task. Representatives of a certain institution department are involved in each RE-unit. Academic Council is formed by Research and development Center and RE-units’ management.

Project manager. Smirnov Alexander Ilich, ISU rector, born in 1943, Doctor of Chemistry, professor, Russian Federation education prize-winner in 1999, record of service 34 years. Specialist of polymer chemistry, wastewater purification technologies, water chemistry and water ecology situation of man’s impact estimation.

Executive Director of the project.  Alexander Arguchintsev, Pro-Rector in Scientific Work, Chief of Chair of Optimization Methods at Irkutsk State University, Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences. Major scientific interests: inverse problems of mathematical physics, optimal management of systems with distributed parameters, population dynamics, and mathematical modeling. Laureate of the Russian Federation President Grant Programme on the state support of young Russian researchers – Doctors of Sciences.

Science component manager. Kuzmin Michael Ivanovich, Irkutsk science center SB RAS presidium chairman, director of A.P. Vinogradov Institute of Geochemistry of SB RAS, RAS academician, Doctor of Humanitarian science, professor, vice-chairman of coordinating science and engineering council of Irkutsk region governor, State prize-winner in 1997 for “Deep geodynamics” labour cycle, geodynamics and paleoclimate specialist. “Geochemistry”, “Geology and geophysics” editorial board member.

Education component manager. Arguchintseva Alla Vyacheslavovna, ISU geography faculty dean, Doctor of Technical science, professor. Basic research course – mathematical modeling in hydrometeology and geoecology tasks.

International relationship component manager. Khakhinov Vyacheslav Victorovich, BSU chemistry faculty dean, Doctor of Chemistry, docent. Basic research course – physicochemical methods of organic compound study, analytical chemistry and water ecosystem hydrochemistry.

Group also involves 12 doctors and 28 candidates of science, including

  • Arguchintsev V.K. the head of ISU meteology and air protection department, Doctor of Technical science.
  • Budnev N.M. the head of ISU research institute laboratory, ISU physics faculty professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical science, professor.
  • Bychkov I.V. ISC SB RAS presidium vice-chairman, Management problems and informnation science, Doctor of Technical science, professor.
  • Gladkochub D.P. senior research assistant, Institute of the Earth’s Crust of SB RAS, ISU geological department docent, Doctor of Humanitarian science.
  • Izmestieva L.R. ISU Biology research institute director, Candidate of Biology science
  • Mantsivoda A.V. the head of ISU information system department, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical science, professor.
  • Namsaraev B.B., professor of BSU experimental biology department, the head of microbiology laboratory of Biology Institute of SB RAS, Doctor of Biology science, professor, honored science worker of the RF, record of service 38 years.
  • Sklyarov E.V., SB RAS Earth’s Crust Institute director, professor of ISU geological university, RAS report member, Doctor of Humanitarian science, professor.
  • Shpaiser G.M., executive director of UNESCO ISU water source department, Candidate of Chemistry Science, professor.

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