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Geographic names at Baikal

The geographic names around Baikal are the strange mixture of Russian and Buryat languages (Buryats are native people living around Baikal). You can taste these names yourself now.

Angasolka - the river and cape
Ayaya - the peninsula
Bolvanikha - the river
Boudoun - the bay
Boorkhan - the cape
Elokhin - the cape
Zamah - the cape
Zoun-Mourin - the river
Irrinda - the peninsula
Kadilnaya - the valley
Kaltusnaya - the river
Katorzhanka - the valley
Koty - the river
Kultuk - the name of wind
Kourkavka - the river
Keltegey - the cape
Lakandah - the cape
Mishikhah - the river
Nemnyanka - the cape
Nikolah - the vilage
Nyurgoon - the cape
Oblom - the cape
Pokoiniki - the cape
Proval - the bay
Sarma - the wind
Svyatoi Nos - peninsula
Ookhan - the cape
Khoboi - the cape
Kholodyanki - the cape
Shumilikha, Gromotukha - the rivers

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