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Title: Turbidites and varves in Lake Brienz (Switzerland): deposition of clastic detritus by density currents

Author(s): Michael Sturm, Albert Matter

Annotation: Lake Brienz is a 14 km long and 26! m deep oligotrophic valley lake which Sies in the front ranges of the Swiss Alps. Sedimentation is entirely clastic and is dominated by two rivers which enter the lake at opposite ends. The sediment load is transported and deposited in the lake by overflows, interflows and underflows (low- and high-density turbidity currents) depending on the density difference between river and Sake water. Whereas high-density turbidity currents, which deposit up to 150 cm-thick graded sand layers, occur only once or twice per century after catastrophic flooding. low-density turbidity currents occur annually during periods of high discharge and deposit centimetre-thick faintly graded sand layers. Fine-grained sediment supplied by overflows and interflows rains down continuously during summer thermal stratification to form the dark-grey summer half-couplet of a varve: at turnover in the autumn the remaining sediment trapped at the thermocline settles out and forms the tight-grey winter layer. Turbidites grade distally into thin dark-grey layers indistinguishable from the dark-grey summer half-couplet. Turbidites on the basin plain can be correlated with varves on the slopes. Therefore, in Lake Brienz the formation of varves and turbidites is genetically related and depends on the existence of over- and interflows, turbidity currents and seasonal thermal stratification.

Bibliographical description: Michael Sturm, Albert Matter. Turbidites and varves in Lake Brienz (Switzerland): deposition of clastic detritus by density currents // Spec. Publs int. Ass. Sediment. (1978) 2, 147-168

Publication's type: статья

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