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Summer International School "Ecology of Large Water Bodies and Their Watershed"

The regular International Summer School “Ecology of Large Water Bodies and Their Watershed” was held 16-26 August 2010 at the biological station on lake Baikal. Traditionally, as well as Research-Educational Center “Baikal”, the School’s organizer was Christian-Albrecht University (Germany), which has been being the partner of Irkutsk State University for many years.

The main purpose of the school is to support young scientists; therefore, most participants of the School were newcomer scientists, students and postgraduate students from different universities of Russia, Germany, Nepal, Venezuela, Vietnam and Canada. In fact, young researchers and School’s organizers had started to work long before the conference. Preliminaries had been already started at the beginning of the year: few video conferences between Irkutsk and Kiel were held; in February Dr. Wilhelm Windhorst came to Irkutsk and met Russian specialists to discuss the schedule of the School.     
According to the successfully worked out during last few years innovative-educational schedule, the program of the School was divided into virtual and on-site stages. During the preliminary stage, participants got acquainted to the objects of investigation such as lake Baikal and its basin, plankton, fishes, gammarids, birds, problems of environmental pollution and its protection, climate changing and etc. Prepared by the specialists of ISU corresponding available information was posted on the web-site of the REC ( As well, in order to maximize effectiveness of the field stage, the solutions of the exact problems were provided by using Internet-forum of the web-site. 
Finally, in August participants of the School “Ecology of Large Water Bodies and Their Watershed” met at the biology station of Irkutsk State University in Bolshiye Koty village, where for ten days they were working in the research working groups such as “Climate change and the problem of Baikal’s protection”, “Ecosystems of lake Baikal”, “Terrestrial System of the lake Baikal’s basin”. The School’s program included lectures, seminars and practices headed by Irkutsk and German professors.

The on-site stage was finished by presentations of preliminary results of the working groups at the conference in Botanic Garden of ISU. After that, participants left, but the cooperation has been continuing through our web-portal. The result of this collaboration has to become completed scientific publications.

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