Baikal Summer Schools

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«Research and Education Center «Baikal» – development strategy»

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About Baikal

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3D model of Lake Baikal

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Research-Educational Center Baikal

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Summer International School "Ecology of Large Water Bodies and Their Watershed"

Professors' reports

Dr. I.V. Fefelov

Dr. E.A. Silow

Dr. O. Rusinek

Lake Baikal. Fish parasites.

Dr. V. Kuzevanov

A system of strictly protected natural territories of the Baikalian Siberia and Russia

Dr. Karsten Reise

Dr. N.Budnev

Прибайкальскому национальному парку –20 лет

Students' and PhD students' reports

Trang Huynh, Laura Winter, Alexandra Ivanova, Anastasia Ahtimankina

Margarita Cycenko, Vasily Shupruto, Kirill Shchapow, Olga Timofeewa, Alexander Strehmel, Roshani Sitaula, Svetlana Khamnueva

Isabell Raschke, Romel Torcat

Aleksandra Ivanova (ISU), Svetlana Khamnueva (CAU), Kirill Shchapov (ISU), Vasiliy Shupruto (SALEM), Roshani Sitaula (CAU) Alexander Strehmel (CAU), Olga Timofeeva (ISU), Romel Torcatt (CAU)

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